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Potted Head Ham
Irish Bacon Sausage
Pork Stuffing
We use Angus beef, spices and natural ingredients to give our sausage the traditional taste of Scottish cuisine. Irish sausage, bacon, hams, potted head, and pork stuffing bring to your table the tradition of Irish and British food as well.

Scottish beef sliced sausage made with high quality and fresh ingredients
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Pork Bangers
British Pork Bangers sausage 16 oz
Our Price: $7.99

British style pork sausage bangers.
Beef Sausage
Beef Sausage/ Sliced 16 oz
Our Price: $7.99

Angus beef sliced sausage patties.
Scottish Pork Stuffing
Our Price: $7.99

Scottish Pork Sttufing Meat
Scotch Ham
Scotch Ham 1 lb
Our Price: $7.99

Thinly sliced sea salt and spiced pickled ham.
Irish Bacon
Irish Bacon 1/2 lb
Our Price: $7.99

Irish-Danish back bacon.
Beef sausages links
Beef Sausage Links 16 oz
Our Price: $7.99

Homemade Scottish style sausage links made with Angus beef and natural spices.

Tips for grilling beef links sausage
Place them on the sides of the grill and not directly over the flame; this will hold flavor and juices in sausage. Temperature of a full cooked sausage must be 160 Fahrenheit degrees.
Pork Sausage Links
Irish-Scottish Pork Sausage links 16 oz
Our Price: $7.99

Irish-Scottish style Pork sausage in natural casing.
Taylor Ham
Taylor Ham 1Lb
Our Price: $8.99

Taylor Ham.
Lamb Sausage Links
Lamb Sausage Links
Our Price: $8.99

Lamb Sausage Links.  Fresh ground leg of lamb and spices, stuffed in sheep casings.