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Baked goods as breads, scones, short bread and biscuits are synonym of Scottish culture.  Soda and Scotch breads,  Irish Brown and Irish Soda breads fresh baked on premises as well as snowballs, apple square, raisin squares, empire biscuits, raisin, cranberry and potato scones as well.

Enjoy a Scottish Breakfast or the Traditional English Afternoon Tea with Baked Goods from Stewart's Oven.

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Scottish short bread
Scottish shortbread each
Our Price: $0.75

Gluten Free Scottish Plain Bread
Scottish  chocolate chip shortbread
Scottish chocolate chip shortbread/ each
Our Price: $0.75

Gluten Free Scottish Plain Bread
Scottish Snowballs
Scottish Snowball
Our Price: $1.50

Scottish Snowball. Soft cake, covered with coconut  flakes and raspberry center filled.
Scottish Apple Square
Scottish Apple Pastry Square
Our Price: $1.50

Scottish Apple Pastry Squares made with Granny smith Apples.
Raisin Squares
Raisin Squares/ each
Our Price: $1.50

Raisin Squares
Scottish Empire Biscuits
Empire Biscuits /each
Our Price: $1.50

Scottish Empires Biscuits
Heart-shaped Scottish biscuits
Heart-shaped Empire Biscuits /each
Our Price: $1.50

Valentine's Day heart-shaped Scottish empires biscuit per unit.
Scottish baps
Scottish Baps
Our Price: $1.85

Homemade Scottish breakfast roll.
Scottish whole wheat baps
Scottish Whole Wheat Baps 3 unit bag
Our Price: $2.25

Homemade Scottish whole wheat breakfast roll, 3 unit bag.
Raisin Scone
Raisin Scones / 3 pack
Our Price: $4.00

Scottish Raisin Scone