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Haggis is the most representative dish of Scottish Cuisine and it is eaten specially at Burns Night every January 25th.  Haggis is traditionally served with neeps and tatties.  Our Haggis recipe keeps the traditional flavor using fresh and selected ingredients for a great quality. 

 Haggis Traditional

Haggis traditional and haggis vegetarian made on premises

Cooking Instructions: 1, Wrap loosely in aluminum foil. 2. Add a few ounces of water and/or scotch (for flavor) into foil. 3. Place on pan in oven at 350 degrees. Heat until food thermometer reads 170 degrees. * We highly recommend NOT boiling product ** Item in fully cooked at time of purchase

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Mini Haggis Rolls/ Doz
Our Price: $10.00

Mini Haggis Rolls
Haggis Sliced
Haggis sliced
Our Price: $10.99

Traditional Scottish Haggis, Sliced
Scottish Haggis
Small Haggis 1.5 lb each
Our Price: $16.49

Small Haggis 1.5 lb each.
Scottish Haggis
Medium Haggis 3 lb each.
Our Price: $32.97

Medium Haggis 3 lb each.
Scottish Haggis
Large Haggis 5 lb each.
Our Price: $54.95

Large Haggis 5 lb each.
Haggis Traditional & Vegetarian